A Fun Weekend in Vienna

This may not sound very normal to some, but we love travelling with our parents.  On a recent trip to Vienna, we decided to take them along.  This time, since all of us are already familiar with the historical sights, we decided to make it a fun trip involving food and taking the kids to an amusement park.

After having a hearty lunch at Mikulov, we drove to Vienna to get some coffee and a taste of the classic pork knee.

Vienna is famous for its cafes, so it was no wonder that they were all packed when we got there.  Luckily, we found the Gutenberg, a quaint restaurant tucked along a small street in Vienna’s shopping district.  The coffee was good, and so was the sacher torte that I had with it.  And it was too late before I realized that I should have taken a picture.

But anyhow, I think the picture I took from this place was more precious than the food – my children, in such a tender moment.



We then proceeded to Prater Amusement park, where my son enjoyed the bumper cars with his father.


And because he was too young to drive his own bump car, he begged to go on more rides where it was totally ok for him to take the wheel.


Still, that wasn’t enough.  He is crazy about fire trucks, so here he is driving his own.


The day will never be complete if we don’t get to taste the Viennese pork knee.  So we proceeded to the Schweizerhaus (Swiss house) and beer garden  to grab a mouthful and down it all off with a good glass(es) of beer.

The roasted pork knee is probably one of the unhealthiest food in this planet, but it tastes so good!  It reminded me of a typical Filipino dish, crispy pata.


Yes, that was my portion.    So now you know why I am still fat.


A Walk in the Woods

The weather has been slowly getting better in our side of the world, so I took my kids out yesterday for a walk in the woods.  Why the woods?  Well, you might as well say that I am slowly becoming Czech.  The malls are not as appealing as the woods anymore.

Anyway, here are a few pictures I was able to snap.

My little boy is growing so fast, and he really enjoys his new role of being a “big” brother.  While I was busy looking for things to photograph, he took over and pushed the stroller of his baby sister.


Tired of doing it the regular way, he is experimenting with other ways on how to move it.


At this point, I took over for fear that he may accidentally flip the stroller with his sister inside.  Instead, I asked him to lead the way.


He obliged and even told me:  “Don’t worry, mom.  I will protect you and Michaela.”


The end of the trail is the entrance to the city center through this bridge.


There was nobody during that time.  It is still winter, afterall.

But we did see a fisherman on the river.   He was fishing while Jakub was feeding the ducks and swans.


A new set of exercise bars were also built in a little space by the river.  I think they finished it last year, but I didn’t see it because I was too lazy to walk towards this side of town when I was still pregnant with my daughter.

When the temperatures finally go up, I think I would like to use one of these bars for fitness.


But for now, I’ll just enjoy short walks with my kids.


Despite the cold, it was a very nice walk.  Definitely another day well spent.

How are you coping up with winter in your side of the world?

Happy Mother’s Day!

Not only was yesterday Mother’s Day, it was also the Prague Marathon. My family and I didn’t make a special trip anywhere since we were glued to the TV watching the events of the marathon unfold. Once upon a time, my husband and I were runners and the Prague marathon has always been something that we were hoping to do one day. You will understand why if you watch this:

Anyhow, I got a beautiful set of flowers from my husband and my favorite chocolate bar.
I was asking Jakub if he had any flowers for me but he said he can’t give me any because they’re being used at the moment. I probed further and this is what I found.

Anyway, I hope all you moms out here had a great mother’s day! I sure did.

Mommy’s little helper

Being the curious child that he is, my little boy almost always has to try everything that he sees I’m doing.  I am oftentimes annoyed with this gesture because it detracts me from doing my usual household chores.

Albeit one day, I decided to put his curiosity into good use by asking him to vacuum the area under the stairs for me.


I thought he was going to give up after one pass, but contrary to my expectation, he actually enjoyed it.


I was even more surprised when he actually did a good job.  Now I don’t have to worry about docking under the stairs.  I have someone to do it for me.


I’m glad that he is now finally able to help.  Now, spring cleaning wouldn’t be that tiring.

I hope you’re having a great week!

This Little “Big boy” and His Crazy Mama

I was on the Krokodyl facebook page today and saw a couple of pictures of Jakub from their school activities.     I always appreciate seeing these photos since I am curious to know how my son is thriving in school.  From the looks of it, he is having fun!

This is his “take-a-picture-of-me” photo.

Photo courtesy of Zuzana Yousif

And when I say he is a handful, this is what I mean.

Photo courtesy of Zuzana Yousif

It’s hard to keep him still, as he always wants to be on the move.  Worst part is, he always wants to do what the bigger kids are doing….or the opposite.

Photo courtesy of Zuzana Yousif

Sometimes, he even wants to do what mama does to him.

Oh, this boy!

On another note, while I was on my way to pick him up from school this morning, I was wondering why people were looking at me like as if a nut fell out of my head.  It was then when I realized that I was pushing an empty stroller.   So those people may have passed me off as a looney.

Oh well, what can I say….I have my hands full.  🙂