Memories of summer

Summer came and went.  And what an eventful summer it was.  So eventful that I couldn’t even begin to sum up everything in words.  Not only were there a lot of outings and bonding activities with friends, we also got to travel longer than 9 hours…. in car.

Since our kids are grown and without diapers, we felt that it was high time to do long journeys.  And off we did.  Our main destination:  Croatia.


It was my kids’ first time to be out in the sea and boy, did they enjoy it.  All those seven days that we were there, we were out in the sea twice a day.  It was very refreshing and inviting.  Travelling with friends made it more fun too!

And guess what?  I even made an unplanned side trip to Venice by boat.


It was beautiful.  I’m glad I went.  Despite the expected mob of tourists, Venice is Venice.  Its beauty is unparalleled.


But the adventure didn’t end there.  On the way home, we dropped by Slovenia.  Since all this travelling was done during the day, our main goal was to get the kids tired so they will sleep the entire way home.  But I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of Slovenia.  It’s one of those little quaint states that has everything — sea, mountains and panoramic landscapes.


We only got to see Ljubljana this time, but I’m sure this will be a destination that we will visit again.  I especially love the fact that the city is very bike-friendly and everything is walking distance.

we also got to sample some Slovenian seafood goodies.  It reminded me so much of the Philippines.


After spending a few hours in Slovenia, we headed for home with tummies full of goodies and hearts full of memories.

One thought on “Memories of summer

  1. Hi Grace, This looks like a wonderful trip! We had hoped to get to Croatia and Slovenia last summer, but ended up traveling in Romania and Hungary instead. It is still on our list, and it looks like loads of fun. Thanks for sharing!


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