This Little “Big boy” and His Crazy Mama

I was on the Krokodyl facebook page today and saw a couple of pictures of Jakub from their school activities.     I always appreciate seeing these photos since I am curious to know how my son is thriving in school.  From the looks of it, he is having fun!

This is his “take-a-picture-of-me” photo.

Photo courtesy of Zuzana Yousif

And when I say he is a handful, this is what I mean.

Photo courtesy of Zuzana Yousif

It’s hard to keep him still, as he always wants to be on the move.  Worst part is, he always wants to do what the bigger kids are doing….or the opposite.

Photo courtesy of Zuzana Yousif

Sometimes, he even wants to do what mama does to him.

Oh, this boy!

On another note, while I was on my way to pick him up from school this morning, I was wondering why people were looking at me like as if a nut fell out of my head.  It was then when I realized that I was pushing an empty stroller.   So those people may have passed me off as a looney.

Oh well, what can I say….I have my hands full.  🙂

One Happy Mama

Today is one of those days when I feel like we hit a significant milestone.

On a normal day, Jakub plays like this.

He is either on his bike or pulling his toy trucks.  Sometimes he will be pushing his toy mower.

Since I was busy with house work, I allowed him to play by himself in his room.  When everything got quiet, I thought he fell asleep.

Some days, it is normal to find him like this.

Sleeping on the living room couch.

But it was way too early for a nap, so I got nervous.  What happened to my son?  Did he get into an accident?

But here he was…reading a book.

Apparently, he took a chair to go up and get the book.

Normally, he would take my hand, point to a book and ask me to read it to him.  But today he decided to do it himself.

Although going on top of the chair can be dangerous, I appreciated the fact that he loves to read!

To add to my joy, he even handed me a flower he made out of his legos.

Today, I am one happy mama.

Fil Czech Kids Invade Kuliskov

Last Wednesday, Jakub and I went to the Kuliskov children’s play area in Prague to meet some friends.  Since he doesn’t go to these places that often, Jakub was totally enthralled.  On the train to Prague, it was quite difficult to keep him in his seat.  Although not a very good idea, I allowed him to play with an mp3, if only to keep him still.

Tinkering with the mp3 on the way to Prague.

We met with 2 of my Filipino friends who are also married to Czech nationals.  When we got there, Jakub totally forgot about me.  He immediately rushed to the toys.  I could leave him there and he wouldn’t mind.

It was very difficult to keep the children still.  Thus, a group picture was close to impossible.  This is the closest photo that I got with all 3 of them sitting still.

Pose for the camera!

We tried placing them inside this enclosure, but look at what happens.  Somebody always has to leave.

Raising a child is not easy.  But it is always nice to know that one is not alone in this journey.  The meeting went very well and I am hoping for future get togethers with more moms and their kids.