A Swiss-Filipino Family Came to Town

I didn’t realize that it’s almost been a month since my last post.  Life has been going at full speed and I hardly have time to pen down my thoughts.

Anyhow, we had some guests from Switzerland last week.  It was my friend Mayette, her Swiss husband Thomas, and their very cute daughter, Thomara.

I’ve known Mayette since my university days, and we recently reconnected after knowing that both of us are married to Europeans.

After a long trip to and from Sweden, they decided to swing by Czech Republic.  Jakub had a blast when he got an early Easter bunny, with nothing but the best chocolate – Lindt.


Their daughter Thomara is only a month older than Michaela, so they are technically batchmates.    It was funny getting the two babies to meet.

Looking eye to eye, they look like they couldn’t believe there’s actually another person the same size as them.


We finally got them to look at the camera, but were unable to goad them in eliciting a smile.


There was a little bit of movement, as they got curious about the other.


But after putting them in the car, they both went down easily.



My little boy on the other hand, acted like an older brother.


He was happy to look after the girls while their parents were busy taking pictures.

And here he is happily posing for a photo with our guests.



We brought them to Kutna Hora and to Prague, but three days was not enough to see everything.


They did say they were going to come back and we are really looking forward to that.  Otherwise, we will have to visit them in Switzerland.



Fil Czech Kids Invade Kuliskov

Last Wednesday, Jakub and I went to the Kuliskov children’s play area in Prague to meet some friends.  Since he doesn’t go to these places that often, Jakub was totally enthralled.  On the train to Prague, it was quite difficult to keep him in his seat.  Although not a very good idea, I allowed him to play with an mp3, if only to keep him still.

Tinkering with the mp3 on the way to Prague.

We met with 2 of my Filipino friends who are also married to Czech nationals.  When we got there, Jakub totally forgot about me.  He immediately rushed to the toys.  I could leave him there and he wouldn’t mind.

It was very difficult to keep the children still.  Thus, a group picture was close to impossible.  This is the closest photo that I got with all 3 of them sitting still.

Pose for the camera!

We tried placing them inside this enclosure, but look at what happens.  Somebody always has to leave.

Raising a child is not easy.  But it is always nice to know that one is not alone in this journey.  The meeting went very well and I am hoping for future get togethers with more moms and their kids.