Happy Mother’s Day!

Not only was yesterday Mother’s Day, it was also the Prague Marathon. My family and I didn’t make a special trip anywhere since we were glued to the TV watching the events of the marathon unfold. Once upon a time, my husband and I were runners and the Prague marathon has always been something that we were hoping to do one day. You will understand why if you watch this:

Anyhow, I got a beautiful set of flowers from my husband and my favorite chocolate bar.
I was asking Jakub if he had any flowers for me but he said he can’t give me any because they’re being used at the moment. I probed further and this is what I found.

Anyway, I hope all you moms out here had a great mother’s day! I sure did.

Czech the Choco

I am a chocoholic.   If there’s anything I love as much as rice, it’s chocolate.  Before coming to Czech we had to drop by Belgium, so I had a good dose of Belgian chocolates while we were there.

Now that we are here in CZ, I decided to try the local brands.  So this is what you will find in our cupboard.

Yes, I am a big Milka fan.  I think it’s one, if not the best, chocolate here in CZ.

And here’s one that’s purely local —as in Kolin local.  It is a chocolate for diabetics though, but it doesn’t taste too bad.  It’s good for dieters too.

When I used to work at Hostess, I thought I was in heaven when during the plant tour I saw the chocolate fountain used to enrobe the baked goods.    I thought to myself, “so I get to taste that everyday?  pure awesomeness!”   They told me I will get tired of it after some time.  But in my case, it’s not really true.  To this day, I still miss having to do daily product scoring with our chocolate hohos.