A Walk in the Woods

The weather has been slowly getting better in our side of the world, so I took my kids out yesterday for a walk in the woods.  Why the woods?  Well, you might as well say that I am slowly becoming Czech.  The malls are not as appealing as the woods anymore.

Anyway, here are a few pictures I was able to snap.

My little boy is growing so fast, and he really enjoys his new role of being a “big” brother.  While I was busy looking for things to photograph, he took over and pushed the stroller of his baby sister.


Tired of doing it the regular way, he is experimenting with other ways on how to move it.


At this point, I took over for fear that he may accidentally flip the stroller with his sister inside.  Instead, I asked him to lead the way.


He obliged and even told me:  “Don’t worry, mom.  I will protect you and Michaela.”


The end of the trail is the entrance to the city center through this bridge.


There was nobody during that time.  It is still winter, afterall.

But we did see a fisherman on the river.   He was fishing while Jakub was feeding the ducks and swans.


A new set of exercise bars were also built in a little space by the river.  I think they finished it last year, but I didn’t see it because I was too lazy to walk towards this side of town when I was still pregnant with my daughter.

When the temperatures finally go up, I think I would like to use one of these bars for fitness.


But for now, I’ll just enjoy short walks with my kids.


Despite the cold, it was a very nice walk.  Definitely another day well spent.

How are you coping up with winter in your side of the world?

6 thoughts on “A Walk in the Woods

  1. Hi Grace,
    I feel like I just went for a walk in the woods too! Thanks for bringing us along. Jakub is such a sweetheart, pushing his sister’s stroller and acting as bodyguard for you and little sis! So glad to know all is well and you are getting out and about with the kids. While we have primroses in bloom, we also had hail on the deck this afternoon, and LOTS of rain. But the sun came out and shone on the water for a couple of hours. Springtime is just around the corner for us.


  2. There were days of cold grey winter (low 35- 40’s) in California but beautiful sunny days followed. No harm done and it was the envy back East. We are now in our spring weather.
    Thank you for sharing these gorgeous shots, I enjoy watching Jakub grow. Take care.


    1. Wow, 80! It will be weeks before we will finally have that temperature over here. I heard there is an on-going drought in California. I hope it isn’t too bad where you are. :-).


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