Mommy’s little helper

Being the curious child that he is, my little boy almost always has to try everything that he sees I’m doing.  I am oftentimes annoyed with this gesture because it detracts me from doing my usual household chores.

Albeit one day, I decided to put his curiosity into good use by asking him to vacuum the area under the stairs for me.


I thought he was going to give up after one pass, but contrary to my expectation, he actually enjoyed it.


I was even more surprised when he actually did a good job.  Now I don’t have to worry about docking under the stairs.  I have someone to do it for me.


I’m glad that he is now finally able to help.  Now, spring cleaning wouldn’t be that tiring.

I hope you’re having a great week!

3 thoughts on “Mommy’s little helper

  1. Wow, here’s hoping that trend continues! I think many little boys become interested in certain jobs where mechanical or electronic equipment is involved.

    Your house is looking really gorgeous in these photos.


  2. Such a cute young man you’ve got there 😉
    Let him help – the sooner he learns that a man is not too good to do household chores, the better 😉


  3. Hi Grace,
    this is wonderful! My mom used to say that it would save time just to do things herself, but then we would never learn how to do it for ourselves, and she wanted to make the most of that short period of time when kids WANT to help! I used to have the kids help me so that they would feel like contributing members of the household; they learned responsibility and cooperation. I also like to see gender barriers broken down–personally I believe there’s no such thing as women’s work or men’s work. I believe that everyone contributes to the smooth running of a family’s life as best he/she can. You’ve got a good little worker there, and he is obviously proud of himself for helping mommy!


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