Can You Drive?

When my husband tells me that I can’t drive, I get annoyed and oftentimes it becomes a catalyst for me having a bad day.  I have a Philippine driver’s license and a California driver’s license.  Unfortunately,  both of them are not good enough for Europe, so there is still a need for me to get the Czech Driver’s license.  Since last month, I have been enrolled in a driving school to help me secure that Czech license.  Although confident with my driving skills, I soon later found out that driving in Prague can be stressful and can be hair-raising at times.

When I came home from driving school one night, my little boy eagerly ran to greet me.

He asked:  “Mama, can you drive?”  Thinking that he was touted by his dad to ask me that question, I annoyingly replied:  “Of course, mama can drive!  Mama has been driving for years!”

But then he asked me again:  “Can you drive in a police car?”

Now that’s another story.