Can You Drive?

When my husband tells me that I can’t drive, I get annoyed and oftentimes it becomes a catalyst for me having a bad day.  I have a Philippine driver’s license and a California driver’s license.  Unfortunately,  both of them are not good enough for Europe, so there is still a need for me to get the Czech Driver’s license.  Since last month, I have been enrolled in a driving school to help me secure that Czech license.  Although confident with my driving skills, I soon later found out that driving in Prague can be stressful and can be hair-raising at times.

When I came home from driving school one night, my little boy eagerly ran to greet me.

He asked:  “Mama, can you drive?”  Thinking that he was touted by his dad to ask me that question, I annoyingly replied:  “Of course, mama can drive!  Mama has been driving for years!”

But then he asked me again:  “Can you drive in a police car?”

Now that’s another story.

13 thoughts on “Can You Drive?

  1. Great post. My husband told me yesterday that I should probably need to go to driving school, the only problem is.. we are not sure if they teach in English because my Czech is still limited. 😀 but if I would learn then I will still be having trouble to drive near or inside Prague, as I’ve seen that it’s a total mess there with cars.. 😀


    1. Yes, English lessons are only in Prague that’s why I opted to take it there. You can probably hire an interpreter for every lesson. But then again, it would be too costly. 😦


      1. Oh that would cost a lot to have interpreter.. well, I just hope I could learn even more faster with Czech language or I hope they will have have english speaker instructor,,,


    1. It can be hair-raising sometimes because of narrow streets, sometimes unclear signs, and crazy drivers. There are also pedestrians (mostly tourists) who just cross the streets unmindfully, plus the trams that you need to take into account. 🙂


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