Let’s Go to Vegas: A Guide to Sin City

This year, I am opening a new category in this blog called “Travel Picks.”  In this category, I am collaborating with travel experts and fellow bloggers on their favorite places to travel.  

My first contributor for this series is Kendra Thornton, a mother of 3 and an expert traveler.  Before being promoted to the full time position of mom, she was the former Orbitz Director of Communications where she was able to travel a great deal.  She now lives in Chicago with her family, where they are her number one priority in everyday life.  

Kendra and I have come up with this article about Las Vegas, her favorite place to travel.  So if the travel bug has hit you already, then let’s go to Vegas.

Photo courtesy of Kendra Thornton
Photo courtesy of Kendra Thornton

Over 40 million travelers head to this oasis in the Midwest for some excitement and daring entertainment. Las Vegas is an incredible vacation spot known for its casinos and celebrity shows. It’s where you can see Britney Spears perform live or catch the famous Cirque du Soleil “O” show on the strip. There’s so much to do in this town, and these are just a few of my favorite places when travelling to Sin City.

CSI Fans: Get a Closer Look
If you love the show “CSI: Las Vegas,” you can get an up close look at the television program at CSI Las Vegas at the MGM Grand. You get to experience the show and truly become apart of the crime scene experience. Visitors enter into a crime scene, collect information and help solve the case. Of course, it’s not always so obvious who the killer is.

Relax at Mandalay Bay
When traveling to Las Vegas with friends, there’s always one day when you need to just unwind and take a chill pill. Mandalay Bay’s Beach is perfect for that. There are several pools here with nearby tiki bars. You can grab a floating tube and just float for hours in pure bliss. Kids also can enjoy the wave pool, lazy river and water slides.

Photo courtesy of Kendra Thornton
Photo courtesy of Kendra Thornton

Pink Jeep Tours in Las Vegas

The main attraction for any Las Vegas traveler is the strip. It’s gorgeous at night, but there’s a whole other side to Las Vegas’ beauty on the outside. Pink Jeep Tours provides an adventure tour that takes you through the sights surrounding Las Vegas. You can take an air helicopter ride or hop into a Pink Jeep from your hotel and zoom across the Southern Nevada desert. Your guide will provide a totally unique experience and even take you on a day trip to the Grand Canyon.
Fine Italian at Its Best
The best Italian cuisine you’ll find in Vegas is at D.vino at the Monte Carlo in Vegas. It’s a gorgeous restaurant with a unique atmosphere that works for both romantic occasions and family groups. They have delicious food like stuffed zucchini, and you won’t find a better wine selection than at D.vino. The restaurant has an Enomatic system that has 18 exquisite selections of wine that are incredibly hard to find anywhere else. You can taste all the wine in 1oz, 2oz or 5oz pours.
Las Vegas is a wonderful place to travel with friends and even family! With its hotels catering to every type of traveler and family, it is a truly a unique oasis. Sites like Gogobot make it even easier to read user reviews so you can feel even more comfortable about your hotel purchase.


As I was roaming through the streets of my little town today, something caught my attention.  There is quite a number of “Herna”  (casino) in some strategic spots around the city.  Because Czechs do love the outdoors, this is a sighting that I rather find quite unlikely.

When I think of casinos, I think of Las Vegas.  Back in California, whenever somebody wants to splurge, celebrate or relax, it is the place to go.  Aside from gambling, there are a lot of concerts and shows that are being run in various hotels.  Not to mention that top-of-the-line spas are also one of its biggest attractions.  Needless to say, Vegas meant partying or relaxing.

The Las Vegas Strip

But Vegas is not all about gambling or going wild.  There are also a lot of  things to do in Vegas outside the comfort of one’s hotel.  One can visit Lake Mead and Hoover Dam, listed as one of the seven wonders of the industrial world.  And for golf enthusiasts, there is also the option of visiting Boulder City, the only place in Nevada that is so unlike Vegas.

The Lake Mead viewed from the Hoover Dam.

But perhaps one of my favorite  and memorable activities on this side of the country was a trip to the Grand Canyon, right around Nevada’s neighboring state of Arizona.  Although it is a few hours drive from Vegas, it is  not that far away.  The canyon’s unparalleled beauty was a great photography subject.

Sunset at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

The short hikes to the viewing spots also provided a very good exercise for my feet and lungs.

Now that we are here in Czech, all I can do is reminisce those good old days.  That’s why after seeing those casinos around town, I cannot help remembering those days when I was young and free and Vegas was just a few hours away.