When the “Baby” Looks After the Sitter

This past weekend, we visited my husband’s brother in Brno, the second biggest city next to Prague.  It was the birthday celebration of my nephews, so we decided to spend the whole weekend there.  However, the weather was not cooperating.   So we were limited to doing activities indoors.
Saturday morning, we awoke to a beautiful sunrise.  Unfortunately, that was the best part of the day because it rained to whole day.  We were supposed to bring the kids to a steam engine exhibit but it got cancelled due to the rain.  So we proceeded to Plan B — go to an indoor play area.

We went to Bongo, a family amusement park.  There were a lot of attractions for both young and old, and I can tell the boys had a lot of fun.  While their fathers took the little ones in the bump cars, my 4 year old nephew begged me to come with him to the big slide.

I have a fear of heights. This fear started way back in my early twenties when I rode a roller coaster in South Korea.  As I grew older, the fear intensified. Now that I am a mother, it seems like I will be forced to conquer this fear.

Off we go!

I didn’t want to disappoint my little nephew so I went with him on the slide.  But when I got to the top, the nerves got me.   I almost didn’t go but it was too late.  My poor nephew was a little but surprised on why I was too slow.  Truth is, I was hanging on to the side rail.


Until finally, I found the courage to just let go and was able to catch up with him.  It was very ironic.   Instead of me keeping an eye on him, he kept an eye on me.  Oh well, I know this will not be the first time.    When Jakub will be old enough to go on great heights, I wonder what else I will get myself into.

12 thoughts on “When the “Baby” Looks After the Sitter

  1. Awww,,,good for you! I too, fear heights….but then found myself climbing a rock wall and after that rapelling in a canyon. Amazing that our children (mine now grown) help us to face our fears! 😉


  2. I am afraid of roller coasters and giant slides too. For now, I can still get away with my son going with his dad. I am the lazy-river-kind- of-mom.

    Thanks for checking my blog. Love yours.


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