When The Cat Is Away

He was supposed to attend a children’s birthday party last Saturday, but Jakub didn’t look very well Friday afternoon so we were not able to make it.  Saturday night, his dad wasn’t feeling that well either, so I was worried I wasn’t going to make it to my meeting and badminton game on Sunday.  However, come Sunday morning, my husband said he felt a little better and allowed me to go to Prague for the meeting and badminton.  I was a little worried leaving them both sick, but at the same time, I was also confident that my husband was serious when he said they’d be fine.  So off I went.

I was gone the whole day.  When I came home that night, things were surprisingly calm and in order.  Jakub was just falling asleep so I know everything went well.

This morning, I was going to write a different post and started downloading photos from my camera, but then I saw this picture.

Put your pants up where I can see them.

Not sure if it was him or his daddy who placed those pants over his head, but I think it’s pretty hilarious.  I don’t know what else went on that day, but one thing is for sure.  Boys will be boys!

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