Toilet Paper

My local Tesco is doing it again.  My favorite toilet paper is on sale again!  I wonder if I’m going to make that BIG purchase this time.

Last winter, when they had these things on sale,  I bought a whole bunch of it.  Because it was too much, I had to store some in Jakub’s room because the toilet cabinet was full.  But like anything else that’s left in the open, it did not escape Jakub’s curiosity.  Thus, I ended up cleaning up a very messy room.

Toilet papers galore!

A friend of mine once told me that during the Socialist era in Czech, the type of toilet paper that you use in your home signifies your social standing.  Thus, if you use the more expensive kind, you are considered wealthy.

These days, I think the type and amount of toilet paper in one’ s home simply tells you what kind is on sale or as they call it over here — “in action”.    With free trade comes competition and the supermarkets in Czech are really resembling US supermarkets where companies are competing in terms of good deals.

In my case I hope the lady at the register didn’t think: “Damn, you must poop a lot!”

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