Spring Musings

Although today, is relatively cold, we have been having warm weather these past few days. It is definitely spring! The flowers are in bloom and the leaves are just so full of color.

Macro shot of a flower in bloom.

To prepare for the warm weather, I bought Jakub his first pair of sunglasses from a local optical shop.  Unfortunately, he inherited mommy’s nose, so it has to come with a strap to hold it in.

Jakub’s new sunglasses
The boy with his shades.

Last week, Jakub also got his first ice cream.  There was a gelato shop close to the town square, so we got him ice cream which he eventually shared with his daddy.

Devouring his first ice cream — a gelato

I love  warm weather!   When we were living in California, it always meant going to the beach for body surfing, playing volleyball or simply hanging out.   How I miss those days.  I miss California!

Jakub and I at the Will Roger’s State Beach in California.

Unfortunately, Jakub will not get to do all those things now because he is in a totally different environment.  But there’s always something new to look forward to.  I know that the national parks in Czech will always be great.  When we got here last year, it got me amazed.

One of our favorite places in Czech — Adrspach.

From the  3 significant country moves that I’ve made in my lifetime, I find myself missing more people, more places and more things.   The good thing about all these moves is that I get to meet so many people, make valuable memories and form good lasting friendships.  Czech is probably not my last stop, as the world is constantly changing.  But for now, it is the place I call “home.”

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