Anything to Drink?

Other than wine and beer, I am not very familiar with the whole gamut of commercial alcoholic drinks.  But eversince I came to the Czech Republic, my vocabulary  of “drinks” has greatly increased.   Here are a few of those unique drinks that I recently came upon.

They call this “egg liquor” because the base ingredient  is egg.  It has a sweet alcoholic kick with a distinct egg taste.

This one is wine made from honey.   One of my favorites!    The sweet taste of honey with a hint of alcohol is very interesting and unique.

This is “visnovice,” a spirit distilled from fermented cherries.    They pretty much distill spirits from any fruit that has sugar.  The most common of which is “slivovice,” a spirit distilled from plums.

I guess this one does not need further explanation, because its label is giving it away.  It is beer with a hint of cannabis.  I was surprised to see that is was regularly sold in a leading supermarket.    But I guess it may not be “that”  kind of cannabis.

If you were a visitor in my home, I already have a whole array of “drinks” for you.  So…. what would you like to drink?

3 thoughts on “Anything to Drink?

  1. As a visitor I would like to have Jägermeister with Cola. I like the sour sweet combination 🙂 and from your array I would have egg liguor 🙂


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