One Bright Sunny Day

Ambient temperature is at 25C today. It is very nice. Jakub and I were out on our daily walk, when we found this at the town square.

Upon seeing it, Jakub immediately ran to it.  There was very little I can do to keep him from climbing into one of the vehicles.  I was wondering what kind of vehicle he would pick .  He went straight to the excavator!  At his current age, he is quite amused with excavators, 6-wheeler delivery trucks and garbage trucks.

When the first round stopped, I was ready to pull him out when he immediately transferred to another vehicle.  Since he was clearly enjoying himself.  I decided to just let him have his way.  He went to the Jeep.  At some point, he even pretended like as if he was changing gears.

He went three cycles in this thing.  It took a lot of convincing to get him to transfer to this.

However, it did not have the same appeal as the vehicles.  He only jumped for just a minute and left.

He is very mechanically-inclined.  When he was a year old, this was how he played.

Maybe engineering is also in his future.    Afterall, his mom is a wife, daughter, daughter-in-law and sister of an engineer.  Would I be a mother of an engineer too?  I wonder.

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