“Utikej, Pani, Utikej”

Two weeks ago, my running partner, a.k.a my son, decided to quit his job.  I used to be able to put him on the jogger and do a short run with him.  However, now that he is stronger and more active, that has become impossible.  I stopped doing it because the last few times I did, he wailed like a hyena and yelled, “pomoc! pomoc!”  (Czech word for “help!”).  He prefers being part of the action and that involves getting out of the stroller.   Hence, I can never have a decent run when he is with me.

Back when I used to do races, I ran with the pack.

However, due to the recent time change this past weekend, I am now able to do my outdoor runs.  This is because my husband is now available to take care of my son while there is still daylight.  Thus, I had my first post winter outdoor run today.    It was great!  But I know it will hurt tomorrow.

This was because I pushed too hard.  I wouldn’t have if not for the old guy who told me, “utikej, pani, utikej.”  (Czech for “run, lady, run”).  The thing was, there were 2 other runners in front of me.   The old guy probably thought I was one of them.  I may have looked like I was trying too hard because my tongue was out like a mad dog and I was sweating like a rapist.  Whatever it was, he decided to give me a boost of encouragement.    I intended to tell him that I was not running with them, but before I can translate my thoughts, I was already past him.   A few minutes later, when I reached home,  I was gasping for breath.  I knew I overdid it when my husband thought I was back so soon.  When asked how my run went, my answer was almost inaudible because I was still catching my breath.  Then he told me, “Oh honey, I forgot to tell you not to push too hard.”  But I did.  This will definitely hurt tomorrow.

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