Na Zdravi

“Na Zdravi,”  literally meaning “for health” is the Czech toasting line.  It is what “cheers” is to Americans.  During our recent trips to Moravia,  my husband’s hometown, my son was always a spectator to what the adults are doing at the dinner table.  Since there was always a celebration involved, there was always reason to do “Na Zdravi”, preceding every drink.

Na Zdravi

While my husband and I were having dinner with our son yesterday, we were amused at how he acted on the dinner table.  When I gave him his drink, he kept on saying “davi, davi.”  I thought he wanted some particular food, so I gave him whatever was on the table.  He got a little bit frustrated and started to cry.  Then I realized what he wanted when he held out his drinking bottle.  He wanted to do “Na Zdravi.”   Oh this little Moravian!

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