What A Difference Three Years Make

Yesterday,  we  attended my husband’s company ball.  Since it was a one time event, I figured I wouldn’t buy a new dress and just look for some clothes in my closet that may fit the occasion.  Alas, I found a simple black dress.

Us in 2012

Three years ago, I wore the same dress to another company event.  Back then, I was a tad lighter, stronger and younger.  I also didn’t have a child and lived in another place and time.  What a difference three years make.  Physically, I  look older and heavier.

Us in 2009

However, I am happy.  Happiness is being able to  fit into the dress which reminds me of warm & sunny days  when we were young & free.

2 thoughts on “What A Difference Three Years Make

  1. Oh Grace, you silly; you still look gorgeous. Everyone should do as well as you over three years. Your babies will tire you out and then, when they are teens, they will bring you back to the spirit of being young, again.

    My advice: keep that timeless little dress from this time in your life, so you know your original size and you can keep sight of that over the years, The best to you.


  2. It does make a difference, I am also heaver, yet single, and older..However, need to loose weight so I am back in the gym tomorrow. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post, The Human Touch,,Will follow 😉


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