The Joys of Motherhood

If I were to describe my role as a mother, I would say I am a transformer.  One day I’m an airplane, next day I’m a dog, maybe tomorrow I will be a horse.  As my son is getting more and more active these days, I constantly need to find ways to keep him entertained by playing whatever game he feels like playing at the moment.    Plus, I have to get him out of the house twice a day to get him tired so he will be able to take his nap or sleep at night.  It is tiring, I tell you and it has a lot of quirks too.

One day while having lunch with a friend and her daughter, Jakub shouted “Kaka” (Czech word for “poop”) in the middle of a bustling restaurant.  Now that I have started potty training him, he has figured that the best way for him to get released from his seat is to shout the magic word.  I felt a little bit embarrassed, but I guess people treated it like a regular thing because nobody seemed to mind.  On another instance, while walking on the streets, Jakub pointed to a guy’s truck and said “garbage.”  It was because it resembled a garbage truck and he loves watching the garbage truck from his bedroom window.  I’m not sure if the guy understood.  I hope he didn’t.

Yesterday at Sokol, as we were exercising with the other children and their mommies, he collided with another child. They both cried and they both had noticeable bumps on their foreheads. The irony was, I had Jakub wear a shirt that says, “I want to rock.” The other child on the otherhand, had a shirt that says:  “Here comes trouble.”  The other mom and I just looked at each other and sighed.  That somehow explained the whole situation.

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