I Can Skate….Finally

So we did it. We finally took the trip out to Stara Lysa yesterday. It was great! The place was beautiful. Our friends brought us to an artificial lake which stretched out to almost 2km. Everything was frozen, so it was the perfect skating spot.

One of the areas that people converted into a hockey court.

Prior to going on the ice that day, we had lunch at our friend Hanka’s place and I had 2 glasses of wine.  It must be the wine, but when we went there, I felt braver than usual and immediately went on the ice with Hanka.  After skating hand in hand for about 1km, she finally let go of my hand and voila!  I skated by myself.

Jakub was very curious to see mommy skating.....those magic shoes.

Jakub himself had a lot of fun in the snow too.  His daddy was pulling him on a sled.

Having the time of his life.
Jakub with Majda on a sled.

Hanka’s husband Marek was kind enough to clear out a space for us.  So we had our own skating spot.

Now I know why Czech people love snow.  With good food, good friends, good wine and a perfect pair of skates, even sub zero temperatures can’t prevent them from enjoying the outdoors.

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