Betty Crocker meets Bob the Builder

As I was discussing house designs with my husband a few nights ago, I noticed 2 admirable traits of Czech people.   The women are domestic divas and the men are builders.

The women do amazing jobs at home.  I attended a birthday party once where the woman of the house cooked/baked everything that was served in the party, including the birthday cake.  I think that is just amazing considering that she has to keep the house clean, prepare utensils and decorations for the party, and souvenirs for the attendees….all by herself.  I don’t know how she did it, but it just simply blew me away.

In our old place, we once had a neighbor who did a major renovation for his mother’s house.  Day and night, he would go there and work till the sun settles.  At first I thought he lived there, but there were days when we saw him  drive in with his bike at 6am, then leave at 8pm.    He insulated the whole house and made a balcony complete with French windows.  I thought  that was awesome but little did I know that my own husband, my father-in-law and my brother-in-law did the same.  My husband insulated the house and rebuilt the garage.  My father-in-law built a room and a garage in his house.  My brother-in-law renovated his whole house.  And they did these with little to no help.

This terrace was built by my brother-in-law. Just a sample of what Czech men can do.

I realized all these because when I told my husband I wanted a Japanese style door, but not sure where I can get them, he simply replied:  “Oh, I can make them.”  Hello, Bob the builder!

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