I miss running. I am not a great runner, but I love to run.  On this cold, dreary day, I am trying to draw some inspiration to be active again. So here I am, writing about running.

My first major run - The Disneyland Half Marathon

I have run a few races, long, short, very short.  I guess you can say that my best time is pretty decent, (2 hours and 27mins for a half marathon), but not outstanding.  I am not aspiring for greatness anyway.  I am happy with just finishing a race.

Jiri and I with our running group

Motherhood has slowed me down.  Albeit, recently I have found that my son is my best trainer.  He likes to ride his stroller on high speed.  When the weather was better, I used to run with him in his stroller.  When I stopped to walk, he would cry.  So this June, I guess it’s high time for us to join a race.   Olomouc, here we come!

7 thoughts on “RUNNING

  1. Hi Grace! I found your blog through Daisy and I am glad I did. How wonderful of you to document your CZ life. And I miss running a lot so good of you to keep it up. Haha, motherhood hit me so .. well. Okay that was an excuse. 😀

    Anyway, I love how you complement your posts with colorful photos. May I invite you to a virtual party? I host the Colorful Weekend link party every week{end} over at my blog. It’s a meme that celebrates the colors that we rock! You can share old or new posts with colorful photos, recipes, kids and the cute and crazy stuff they do, the landscape, even a video, anything with color! It’s a great way to meet new friends and discover great blogs too. 🙂 Hope to see you at the party sometime!


    1. Hi May! Thanks for the kind words. It’s great meeting you here. Yes, I am interested in joining your party. Although, I have to admit that I am not that good with the technical aspects of blogging. Just send me the invite. See you there!


      1. Alright! {That was the invite, LOL!} Feel free to hop on board my blog every Saturday to play the color game. It’s easy and fun!

        And I promised myself I’d run again come January. LoL. I got to {gotta, gotta!} cross “run a marathon” out of my List Zero/ Bucket List already. 😀


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