Now that autumn is here, the leaves have beautifully changed colors.  Although it is quite chilly for me to go outside, I am enjoying the outdoors more and more because of the beautiful fall colors.  Together with the changing season, we will also be making a lot of life changes.

Kmochuv Island in Kolin, CZ

Prior to coming to CZ, Jiri and I already talked about building our dream home.  We currently live in his old house and we just recently sold this one out.  Come November, we are moving to a rental apartment while waiting to build our new home.  I am excited about the move because I somehow like our new place.  It is very close to our favorite place in Kolin — Kmochuv Island.  These past few weeks I have been dealing with some sort of seasonal depression which probably came with the changing season.  Somehow, the excitement about moving has lifted up my spirits.   I remember my boss James told me before:  “The next worst thing after experiencing a fire is moving.”  I think that now it has been my saving grace.

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