Český is the Key

I will cross the bridge when I get there.” – Me, 2009

I am now finding myself swimming in cold water.  In this new place I now call home, I find it hard to ever do anything because of my inability to speak Czech.  This past week has been rough.  Combined with all the hormonal changes I was experiencing and the pressure to adapt into my new environment, I found myself experiencing bouts of enormous sadness.  Without my husband, I can pretty much not go anywhere because I don’t speak the language.   If I get lost, I will not be able to get home.  Out here, almost nobody speaks English.  Even the American movies shown on TV are dubbed in Czech.  If I wanted to define myself in this country, I have to start with learning the language.  Český is the key.

I had been forwarned.  When Jiri and I got married, he had been bugging me about learning Czech.  I started but never finished.  It seems like there has always been an excuse whenever I sit down to do so.  I was always stuck at Chapter 4.  I thought learning Czech was easy because I already speak other languages.  I always prided myself of being a fast learner.  However, Czech language is very foreign to me.  I had to re-orient myself with everything I already know.  But it is a very beautiful language.  It has 36 alphabets, 26 of which are the standard Roman alphabets.  There is almost a word for everything.  Though some words are almost spelled the same, they can mean different things if you are not careful.  For instance, I told my husband:  “Hey hon, the sign says Horky.  It must be hot out there.” (Knowing that “Horký” means “hot.”) He then explained to me that “Horký ” means  “hot” but “Horky” means “Hills.”  I guess a whole lot of challenges are awaiting me as I try to learn Czech.

5 thoughts on “Český is the Key

  1. thats right I am also trying to learn Czech language as fast as I can.. Well, not bad for 6 months thats I now many words and construct sentences on my own,,, Many words has different meaning and at the same time need to determine the formation of the words so you will not make mistake on understanding.. Hehehe 🙂 hard but cool and fun to learn..


  2. Grace, I had private lessons and now I attend lessons in a school with other foreigners. For me, the latter is more effective. Give yourself some time lang gyud. After 4-6 trimesters, I can aready converse na. They always say that learning should be faster for us since we’re married to native speakers = can practice speaking the language anytime. Good luck and have fun! Apil na mga bloopers – daghan kaayo ko! Haha


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