Safety Around Here

Here are a couple of observations on safety that I noticed around here:

1.   Dogs are everywhere.  Sometimes, an owner walks with a dog without a leash.  Friendly or not, I don’t care.  I don’t want them anywhere around my son.

2.  There is one main highway without traffic lights.  You really have to watch even when you are walking on a pedestrian lane because you can get run over by a truck very easily.

3.  Harnesses not needed.  When I was in the States, I have always been so vigilant about people not wearing harnesses when working up distances taller than 6ft.  By OSHA (Occupational Safety Hazard Agency) rule, you have to be on a harness once you go up higher than 6ft.  Out here, people could be working in tall buildings with nothing on them.

workers renovating an old structure

4.   For some people, pedestrian safety is regarded very lightly.  I was walking with my husband and my son on a runner’s path and on came at a high speed, this guy on a bicycle.  No word said.  Not even a honk to announce his approach.  What if I swerved a little bit?  We could have collided very easily.

Oh well, who am I to complain.  From where I came from, things are even worse.  You could just be standing by a bus stop and still manage to get run over by the bus.


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