They call it Fitness

Ouch! I got muscle pains all over my body. These past 2 weeks I have started a new exercise regime. I do Tai Chi on Sundays and go to the gym twice during the week. The Tai Chi came about when a new friend invited me to try it. Man, it is so much harder than what it looks like. The routines are slow, but they require endurance. I am enjoying it because it is very challenging…very different from all I ever know.

The gym on the otherhand, came about as a New Year’s resolution. It is located very close to Kmochuv Island and I have been eyeing it for the longest time. Since me and my boys are big Kmochuv fans, we often times pass by it. Until one day, I decided to search it online and learned how it worked. It is quite small. It is twice the size of my office in the States. However, I love it because it is so worth the price. There are no long-term contracts, no hidden fees, you pay whenever you use the gym, and there is no time limit.

But if it was a gym in LA, nobody will go there. Not because it’s small, but because the people running it are not ripped. No pun intended, but they are quite heavy.  But really, here in the Czech Republic, it is rare to see people who are fat.   This explains why the people in the gym are not the regular LA buffs that I know.  Those who need to go there are the ones who need it.  😉  That’s fitness.