Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


The view of the landscape is better seen from the bottom.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

This is a photo of the exit door at the Brussels International Airport.

Last year when we moved out of the US and into Europe, Brussels was our first stop.  This picture is very symbolic for me because we had a “renewal” the moment we walked out of that door.

This week’s topic holds a very special place to my heart because this is the main reason why I started this blog.  This blog is all about renewal.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Prague is a city with diverse topography and rich architecture.  Many of its cultural attractions have survived violence and destruction in twentieth century Europe.  It is home to approximately 1.3 million people but receives more than 4.1 million visitors per year,  making it the sixth most visited city in Europe.

As this week’s photo challenge is about geometry, I couldn’t think of a better picture than one of Prague.

This shot was taken from the Prague Castle overlooking the city.

The baroque structures seem to blend seamlessly with the more modern angular buildings.  For me, this blend is geometry.

The colors in this shot also have an interesting harmonious blend.  It almost exemplifies the city’s colorful history.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

It is ironic that just when I decided to join the weekly photo challenge, the topic is Foreign.  Being an expat, everything around me is foreign to me now.

But for this category, I decided to pick out an old picture.   This was a photo I snapped at the US 101 freeway, as we were coming back to LA from a weekend trip to Santa Barbara.  The car in this photo looked like it belonged to another place and time.  🙂