Due to extremely cold temperatures, I guess most of the people in my little town are in hibernation mode these days. The weather is very disorienting because despite the seemingly bright, warm sunshine, the temperature is really sub zero.

This is what -12C looks like in my little town.

In my household, we have shun ourselves from the outside world, but there is a lot of action going on inside the place. I, for one hand, am cooking and cleaning while the boys are trying to have fun even with the limited space available.

Jakub begging his father to let him try the exercise bar.
Kolin fit club, feather weight division
In the absence of a swing, resourcefulness comes into play

Although it was disappointing not to be outside and do anything active this past weekend, I was happy because I felt that we were closely bonding as a family. We slept together in one room, ate together and played together. I am amazed to see how Jakub has grown. He slept through the night, ate by himself, and laughed with us when we were making jokes. All these wouldn’t have been possible if not for this extremely cold weather. Talk about looking at the brighter side of things.