Destination: Dětenice

This past weekend, our relatives from Brno stopped by to visit us in our new home. On Sunday afternoon, we decided to visit Dětenice, a small village in the county of Jicin in North Bohemia. It is a quaint little village that makes you feel like you have just been transported to the Middle Ages.


The Chateau.


Outside of the hotel, this is what you will see.

Our main goal in visiting this place was to witness the Knights’ Tournament which is one of the best attractions in this place. My 4-year-old nephew is so fascinated with Knighthood that if he was born during the medieval ages, he would have become one. I didn’t expect the younger ones to like it, but they seemed to have enjoyed it immensely as well.


The tournament took place in an old stable since it was still quite cold to do it outdoors. The weapons they used were real, and being seated at the front row, I was a little worried that those weapons would accidentally come flying at us. But none of that ever happened. These guys were experts and they handled themselves pretty well.

For the tournament that we witnessed, there were 4 Knights vying for the honor.


There was a German Knight.


A Czech Knight.


A Polish Knight.


And a French Knight.

We would have wanted the Czech Knight to win the tournament, but it was the German Knight who emerged as victor.

Here is a short clip of the sword fight between the French Knight and German Knight.

I had been told that the evening entertainment is one-of-a-kind and a “must see.” Unfortunately, since we had young kids, we couldn’t stay longer to watch it. We just roamed the village while our boys were busy running around.

All in all, it was an afternoon very well spent.

For more information about Dětenice, please click here.