Happiness is…

This past weekend had been a special one for us because it was Father’s Day.  My husband had a business trip to Paris this past week, so we were very happy to have him back  for the weekend.


I can’t seem to get enough of these macarons that he brought home.  Macarons for breakfast?  why not!

Anyhow, our town also celebrated a big festival here in Kolin – Kmochuv Kolin.  It is mostly a music fest, but they also had  a program for kids.  Thus, we brought our little boy to watch it.




The first presentation we saw was a simple theater play for children.



Then there was a comical re-enactment of the battle of Kolin.



Finally it ended with a mini concert of children’s songs.

The weather was perfect that day, so everything went well.

On Sunday, I decided to make a cake for my husband.  Since it was a warm day, a no-bake cake was the best thing to make.



It was my first time making this cake.  The ironic thing was, I actually had to ask my husband for help because the recipe was written in Czech.  I had to make sure I get it right.  It turned out less than perfect, and I’ll probably need to do some modifications on the next trial.  I will share it with you once I get it right.  Anyhow, my little boy liked it and my husband thought it was ok.

So there goes another weekend for this Filipino mom in CZ.  Needless to say that I am content….and happy.