Destination: Holašovice

Holašovice is a small historical farming village in the Southern part of the Czech Republic. After visiting Cesky Krumlov, we decided to take a quick peek at this little village which has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

During the 15th century, this village was nearly wiped out by the Bubonic plague.  Its significance lies in the fact that it is a typical Bohemian farming village.  It has been abandoned during the second world war and post communist Czech, and was only recently restored in 1990.

It was amazing to see how old these houses were.

The current population of this village is approximately 140.  Thus, its quiet surroundings and natural charm somehow provide a calming effect and a welcome reprieve for the stresses of city living.

For those who are visiting Cesky Krumlov or Ceske Budejovice, I would recommend this place as a great side trip.

More information about Holašovice can be found here.