Easter Ready

Easter is coming early this year. It is this weekend already!

As I have mentioned in a previous post, Easter in CZ is celebrated quite differently from what I know. Out here, the boys whip women as a sign of goodwill to supposedly ward off bad spirits.

Another tradition is for women to give men painted eggs after they have been whipped. And yes, I still haven’t learned the art of painting eggs, so I still opted to buy my eggs from a local Easter market here in our small town.


I greatly admire the creative hands who made these eggs and always find a lot of amusement when visiting Easter markets.


This year, my husband’s mom will not be home for Easter as she just had a knee replacement surgery and will be in the hospital for therapy during that time. As such, the responsibility of preparing for Easter rests on me and my sister-in-law’s hands. With 3 small boys and 3 grown men in the house, I’m sure we will get very busy in the kitchen, not to mention the possibility of sore butts from being whipped six times.