“Happy Day”

This past weekend, a couple of friends visited us in Kolin. There was a children’s event at Kmochuv Island and we went there to check it out.

A famous TV personality for a children’s show was supposed to show up.  But for some reason, her appearance got cancelled.    Ironically, the event was called “Happy Day.”  But I guess it wasn’t too happy for the kids who got disappointed with the TV personality’s absence.

So the organizers made sure that the kids enjoyed the children’s disco.

But for our group, it didn’t matter at all.  We still managed to have fun.

..At least the kids did.  We were there for the children’s disco.

It was fun to watch my little boy dance.

At the end of the event, everything would’ve been perfect except for a mini meltdown.  He refused to wear shoes!

Luckily, his ever-patient daddy dealt with it.  After all is said and done, it was still a “happy day.”

How was your weekend?