Destination: Čáslav

One of the neighboring cities in my county is Čáslav.  I’ve passed by this town several times but never really stopped to view the locale.

One weekend, we decided to visit Čáslav  to explore the area.



Like most towns here in the Czech Republic, the town square is laid with cobblestones.  During our time there, we didn’t see a lot of people roaming around the streets since it was a Sunday.  It was nice to see the town so quiet.



Going further, we passed by the monument of   Jan Žižka, one of the greatest Czech generals of all-time.  In 1910, part of his cranium was discovered in the Čáslav parish church.

We then walked further to view the remains of the city’s walls.



It further led to a sporting area with a playground for children.



My little boy had a great time playing there with his daddy.



After almost an hour, we decided to walk through a small lake to complete the loop.



We then found ourselves on the square again and this time we went the other way where the Parish church is.



But perhaps one of the most notable landmarks in this town is the Dusikovo theater, which is the oldest theater in the Czech Republic.



With its artistic heritage, no wonder it produces world-class talents.  The famous director Miloš Forman was born in Čáslav.

To know more about this historical town, you can visit their website.