Beautiful Autumn Colors

Last weekend, we took a short walk in the woods close to our neigborhood. I couldn’t help but admire all the beautiful colors from the trees.  Here I am sharing these photos with you.

Right outside, this is what you will see as you enter the forest.

I let my boys lead the way.  I’m very camera shy at the moment.


As you can see, we were not the only ones in the path.  Several others were also there.  Did I mention that a walk in the woods is a favorite Czech past time?


We found a mushroom.  But unluckily, I was told that it is one of  the poisonous kinds.


We also found a feet less lizard.  This is something new to me. I thought it was a small snake.


And finally, here’s a closeup photo of the leaves.


Don’t you just love the colors of fall?

7 thoughts on “Beautiful Autumn Colors

  1. Actually you’ve found THE MOST poisonous kind of mushroom in the Central Europe (I’m from Poland) and one of top-five worldwide 🙂

    It’s simply as deadly poisonous as mushrooms can be (scientists say that one specimen is enough to poison a whole family). Moreover symptoms of poisoning are delayed by few days from ingestion, you feel completely normal, then suddenly full liver failure induces in a matter of few hours – only course of action is drug-induced coma and a ultrafast liver transplant. There’s no other option and even a transplant if done too late (in matter of hours!) can’t help a poor soul.

    Some people are getting fooled that snails, worms and other small creatures harvest on this mushroom (it’s completely harmless to them) and it’s very similar to an edible, and delicious one. There are “accidents” with it every autumn in Poland, I’m sure that in CR also. Nasty thing.


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