The Art of Waiting

I only have one week left before I get to meet my daughter. Somehow, it seems like such a long wait. I am quite excited and nervous at the same time. To keep me occupied, I have busied myself arranging and re-arranging both of my children’s rooms. My nursery is still unfinished at this point since I am still missing one more detail.

Anyway, here are pictures of my son’s bedroom now.



I didn’t want to do any painting so I decorated the bare walls with decorative stickers instead.



The windows currently have automatic electronic blinds, but somehow I feel like it may need some curtains.  But the thing is, this house is passive and we need to absorb the light from the sun as much as possible, so I am still re-thinking it.

Anyhow, I’ve also been trying to eat healthily these days since I am really HUGE now.  I’ve already gained 15kg (33lbs), and for someone who’s short, that is not good.

Anyway, I found this all-natural juice from my neighborhood store and I’m loving it now.

apple juice


With one more week to go, I hope I don’t gain any more weight. Otherwise,  I may be running like crazy after my daughter is born just to shed off all the weight I’ve gained.




17 thoughts on “The Art of Waiting

  1. The room looks like lots of fun. I want to jump into that bin of balls! I was never in a hurry–always a little glad for the extra time to get one more thing done, and then when the baby came, I was just as happy to have that little punkin in my arms. This is an exciting time–am eagerly awaiting your happy news! Best wishes, Naomi


  2. Oh man!! Such an exiting moment!
    Good luck Grace 😉
    The young man’s room looks lovely. As for curtains, you can still have them, just open them every morning. I love curtains – makes such a difference to any room.


  3. I say forget the curtains – you’ve got clean space, bright primary colors and lots of natural light. Just what baby needs! Bonne chance!


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