Mars vs Venus

Sometimes it still amazes me how simple men are.  On our last shopping trip, my husband was so happy to find the perfect product.


How can one product cater to 3 different needs?  I have 4 different products for  the following uses:  shampoo, conditioner, body wash & facial wash.  I cannot use my shampoo as a facial wash.  Nor will I ever use my conditioner as a body wash.

Oh well,   I guess Martians are really different.

21 thoughts on “Mars vs Venus

  1. I totally understand him. Basically, hair and skin are the same. They both are just dead cells. And facial skin is pretty much the same as skin on the arms or elsewhere on the body. So it equally amazes me how some women spend fortunes on cremes for different parts of their body and face and have a separate creme for every time of day. Even thought the skin really doesn’t know whethere its day or night.


  2. Martians Grace, They are completely different.
    Can’t live with them, can’t shoot them – guess the only thing to do is just to shake your head and love them 😉


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