Destination: Mirakulum at Milovice

This past weekend, we visited an amusement park here in Czech called Mirakulum.  Since the temperature that day was relatively mild, we decided to head out there and check it out.  We went there with some friends who live close to the area.

From the main entrance, the first attraction that we visited was this giant trampoline/jumping area.


At first it intimidated my little boy.


Then he decided to take the leap with his daddy.


Ooopps, he jumped too much.


But perhaps one of the main trademarks of this place is this wooden castle with an underground tunnel and a lot of open space for the kids to run around.


We rented a cart and asked our son to ride in it with our stuff.  I thought it was such a clever way to carry  things (and kids) around.


My son was hyped up when he saw all the kids in the castle and all the fun things he can climb.  Instead of simply taking the stairs, my boys decided to climb.


There goes Jakub, and now it’s daddy’s turn.


As for me, I took the easy route – the stairs.  The great thing about this place is that there are a lot of different options to get to where you would like to go.  In my condition, i wasn’t able to go to every obstacle, but was glad my camera had a good zoom capability and I was still able to capture the action.

So here they are, on top of the castle, waving at me.


But perhaps the best attraction for Jakub was the ride on a war tank.  Milovice used to be a Soviet army camp during the communist era.  After the new regime, the barracks were left in ruins.    I’m glad they built something like this.  It made this place come to life again.


They call this the “tankodrom.”

I was wary in the beginning because I thought Jakub  will be scared and will scream to get out once the going gets rough.

Unsure of what lays ahead, he reluctantly waved back at me after they boarded and prepared to go.


The ride took 10 mins under rough terrain.

But when they got back he was so ecstatic to tell me all about it.


As you can see, it was a guy thing.

There were a lot of other attractions that everyone enjoyed.




It was a weekend very well spent.

So, how was your weekend?

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