The Nursery Project

I’m not yet done with decorating the whole house and here I am already thinking about decorating the nursery.  It’s too early for “nesting,” I know.  But I don’t want to wait till I’m huge as a whale to start doing what I can still do now that I’m relatively strong.

I am thinking of transforming this space…..


….into this.

                                         Modern Kids by Seattle Interior Designers & Decorators Tewes Design
Minus the chair and the floor, this design makes use of what we already have now.  It seems very easy but the more I focus on the details, the harder it seems.  I am also a bit distracted with these other design ideas that I really find very interesting.
If only I had a bigger room, this is the kind of nursery I would like to have.
                                                      Modern Bedroom by Miami Artists and Artisans Lullaby Wall Decor
I love the color combination and  the simplicity of the room.  I think that the modern design fits very well with our modern house.
This next design is very luxurious, and I like it a lot.  I think it screams:  “I’m a princess!”
I just love the warmth of this room.  But  I’m one who likes to have a lot of light – natural light.  So this will not work.
                                     Traditional Bedroom by New Orleans Interior Designers & Decorators Nelson Wilson Interiors
This other one is very feminine.  The color combination, lace and ruffles says it all.  But with the pink overload,  I think it  will make my boys cringe.  My husband already told me not to overdo pink.  He says he only likes one type of pink — Pink Floyd.
                                       Bedroom by Spanish Fork Architects & Designers Joe Carrick Design – Custom Home Design
This next design may fit our modern house, but the color combination will not.  I’m not really a big fan of brown.  I like the warm cozy feeling that I get from this room though.
                                                 Modern Kids by Calgary Interior Designers & Decorators Wendinteriors
So, what do you think?  Am I making the right choice with the green bedroom for a baby girl?   Which one is your favorite?

19 thoughts on “The Nursery Project

  1. And the brown and white combination I like a lot too. It looks so warm and cozy. The couch/recliner is good for nursing too. We are not having a separate nursery though as we don’t have enough space in the next flat, and more importantly we decided on co-sleeping for the first few months at least.


    1. I’m starting to get drawn to it (brown and white combi) more and more too. 🙂 We were also co-sleeping with Jakub when we used to live in an apartment.


  2. Personally, I like the brown room.
    As for the green one – why do you have to make it green? You can use any colour in the word, just with the same kind of effect – it is a very lovely room just as it is 🙂


    1. Hi JC! The green color choice is mainly because I wanted to save time and money by utilizing some items that we already have. Plus, I also like green. 🙂 However, brown does exude a lot of warmth. I am starting to get drawn to it. 🙂


  3. I loved the first picture you posted with all the green… And the other one you wish you had space for. You’ve got me thinking nurseries and I’m not even in the house we’ll bring the baby home to! (We move in the fall)


    1. It’s never too early to start preparing. I think there’s some advantage to decorating a nursery just when you move in. Goodluck to us! 🙂


      1. I’m excited about decorating… I already have the furniture we will use. It is currently in a storage unit in Texas. We’re actually moving to Europe!

        The furniture I have is light brown. I can’t wait to find out if it is a boy or a girl. I think I want to go with green and yellow for a boy or green and purple for a girl.

        Yes, good luck with the decorating!


      2. Oh, where in Europe? That is quite a big change specially with the little one on his/her way to making his/her debut. But I guess you’re used to moving already. Goodluck!


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