Yesterday, it was -4C (25F) outside.  But I found myself enjoying my homemade guláš and downing it with a mug of cold beer.    A year ago, the idea of drinking cold beer on a cold day was quite repulsive for me.  Having been raised in a tropical country and spending a lot of time in a temperate country with very mild winters, snow was very foreign to me.   But the longer I stay here in Czech, I am starting to appreciate it now.  Somehow, dealing with the cold temperature has become a way of life.  I guess I am now integrating.

Another tell-tale sign is that I am starting to dig Czech humor.  Although I still don’t understand everything, I somehow get the drift.  Here is one popular Christmas commercial that touches on a Czech tradition and is presented in a very humorous way.

During Christmas, some people still practice the old tradition of fasting prior to midnight.  Little children are told that if they don’t eat anything, they will later on get rewarded with a sighting of a golden boar.  In this commercial, the little girl is asking her dad what the boar looks like.  She further mentions that she doesn’t need to wait for later since she is already seeing one.

I hope to awaken the Christmas spirit in me, as we are moving to our new place this weekend.    After the long wait, it is finally here.  The place is not fully furnished yet, but it is already “habitable.”  But we don’t have a tree yet.  I hope we don’t end up like the dad in the commercial.  Ironically, we live close to the woods.

16 thoughts on “Integration

  1. Good luck with the move Grace!!!
    As for the tree – the fashion here lately is to just take a branch from a dead tree, spray paint it white, and there you go – hang your ornaments or whatever, and it’s done 😉


  2. I know precisely what you mean by the snow! I live in South Texas, and anywhere above the lattitude of El Paso feels like winter all year round. Brr! Don’t get me wrong, I love winter, but I don’t think I could take a day in the Czech Republic, let alone live there!

    Congratulations on getting to your new house. I just helped a friend move into an apartment recently, si I know it can be a bit exciting and fun. 😀


  3. Loved the commercial! I haven’t stopped by in a while – life has been so busy. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season with all the wintery weather. We had our first snow just before Christmas, and we expectantly await to see if we will get another 6-10 inches tonight! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


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