Destination: Kroměříž, Buchlovice Chateau, Velehrad

Kroměříž  is one of the key cities in Moravia.  This town is a center for spiritual culture and the arts.  Due to historic monuments, schools, arts and culture, it has been dubbed  “The Athens of Haná”.   But unlike many other towns, there are not too many industrial companies in Kroměříž.  Although, it is currently characterized by a rapid development of the small business sector.  During our visit to this historical town, we visited the Kroměříž gardens and the Archbishop’s Palace.

We were awed by the beauty of the gardens.

No wonder it is recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Before proceeding to the Archbishop’s Palace, we roamed the  Kroměříž town square.

My parents, being devout Catholics, had to stop by the Church of St. John the Baptist.

We also strolled along the small businesses permeating through town.

Finally, we reached the Archbishop’s palace.

Probably the most interesting feature of this palace is the  extensive collection of paintings and books.  In 1984, it was used in the filming of  Miloš Forman’s movie, Amadeus.

To know more about Kroměříž, please click here.

The next stop in our day tour was in the Buchlovice Chateau.  This chateau is a typical example of a nobleman’s summer residence.  It is constructed in Baroque style architecture and unlike the French gardens in Kromeriz, it is surrounded by English-style gardens.

The interiors were awe-inspiring, but picture-taking was forbidden.  So I am only able to show you the exteriors here.

To know more about the Buchlovice Chateau, please click  here.

The last leg of our tour was the Velehrad.  Velehrad is one of the most significant pilgrimage sites in Moravia.  Velehrad began as early as the 13th century, when the Moravian count Vladislav Jindrich, together with his brother King Przemysl Otakar I, originated the first Cistercian monastery in Moravia.  In 1990, Pope John Paul II visited this place during his first visit to the Czech Republic.

It is closely associated with St. Cyril and Methodius (10th century).  During their mission to Moravia, they brought with them Christian faith, culture and the Cyrilic alphabet.  In 1985, during the 1100 years anniversary of the death of St.Methodius, Pope John Paul II donated the Golden Rose to the basilica (only a few cathedrals all over the world obtained this honour).Once a year, thousands of Catholics hold pilgrimage to this place.

To know more about Velehrad, please click here.

It was a day well-spent and it certainly enriched our knowledge about Czech history and  Czech culture.

If you are keen on visiting historical, architectural  and religious places in Moravia, these places are definitely worth checking out!

20 thoughts on “Destination: Kroměříž, Buchlovice Chateau, Velehrad

  1. Such beautiful pictures of beautiful places! As a catholic it is so to see and learn of these locations and their history! Thank you for sharing!!


    1. Thank you! I was educated in Catholic schools from elementary through high school, but never heard of these places back then. I’m glad I’m able to experience it now. 🙂


  2. I loved the gardens too. i don’t think they’d be so difficult to replicate if you were willing to put the time in to care for them and keep weeds from ruining the shape. make an outline of the design, and plant something low growing like boxwood along the outline. then plant some colorful low growing plans inside. but they’d have to be constantly pruned to maintain the shapes. i’d rather go there to enjoy those gardens.


    1. Thanks, Lloyd! Unfortunately, I don’t know what kind of flowers they were. I can try to find out though. I will definitely go back to that place some time.


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