Destination: Karlstejn Castle and Czech America

Although the Czech Republic is a small country, they have a lot of things to see.

My dear readers, I apologize for the irregular updates.  Our schedule has been packed these past few days and I literally didn’t have time to open my computer.

Anyhow, the next leg of our tour took us to the Karlstejn Castle and Czech America.

Karlstejn Castle is a castle that was built by the Charles IV to protect the crown jewels of the Bohemian kingdom.  Like any other castle it is situated in a steep hill which made invasion difficult for all its unwanted intruders.

Taking pictures inside the castle was prohibited so I can only show you an aerial view of the castle.

However, the things to be seen and explored inside the castle makes up for the steep climb.  All tours are guided and can be availed in both Czech or English.

Aside from its amazing architecture, what was interesting for me were the relics that were supposedly hidden inside the castle.  In one of its chapel walls, a relic from the cross where Jesus was crucified was believed to have been imbedded in there.  If you are into architecture, European history and religion, this is definitely a must for you.  More information about the castle can be found here.

Another great spot to visit as a side trip to Karlstejn is Czech America.

This place is called Czech America because it resembles an American canyon.  During the summertime, you can find locals taking a dip in its pristine waters.  Although it may look natural, this place is actually a side product of quarrying.  It is not commonly found in tourist books since it hasn’t been officially developed as a major tourist site.  But for the inquisitive and adventurous travellers, this is one place worth checking out.  More information about this place can be found here.

Have a great weekend!

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