First Year Musings

Today we mark our first year in the Czech Republic.  What a move it had been!  Here are a few realizations I’ve had from the length of time I am here.

1.  When it comes to environmental initiatives, I applaud the Czech Republic, or maybe Europe in general for the steps it has taken to save mother earth.  From small appliances, to small cars, to bagging your own groceries to building eco-friendly homes, it is the best I’ve ever seen.  Details on a previous post can be found here.

2.  When it comes to alcoholic drinks, Czechs are not to be outdone.  They really DO know how to drink.  The variety of alcoholic drinks are the most interesting I’ve ever seen.

3.  When it comes to safety, the safety measures around here are not as sophisticated as the US.  I guess this is one area that needs to be improved.

4.  When it comes to hobbies, Czechs are so into the outdoors.  Most of the Czechs that I know like to spend their weekends in a cottage by the woods.

5.  When it comes to making friends, Czech people are not the friendliest kind at first meeting.  But once you become their friend, you are friends for life!

I know there’s still a lot more to come.  But with all the things we’ve seen and experienced, I think we have finally “Czeched In.”

4 thoughts on “First Year Musings

  1. Hello Grace, happy 1st year in Czech Republic! Time will just fly by in this beautiful country with an enchanting city of Prague and idyllic countryside. And, I thought I’d never get to like drinking beer, but I did… here in Czech, plus other alcoholic stuff. Things I did not do during my teens, I did here. :))) Make the most of life. Congratulations.


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