Somebody Came To Visit

This past weekend had been pretty hectic. My good friend Karen came for a visit.  We toured her around Prague and she got to spend one night with us in Kolin.  It was also the first time she met Jakub and I’m glad they both liked each other.

Jakub with Tita Karen

It was very nice having her around.  We were laughing so hard reminiscing all those crazy things we did back when we were poor college students in the dormitory.

Us more than 10 years ago

Our core group of friends have stayed good friends through all these years.   When we were still in LA, she also came to visit us there.

Karen and I in Hollywood in 2008

She and I , together with a few other girlfriends,  used to talk about our dreams and how we see ourselves in the future.  We used to say that one day our reunion will be in a nice cafe in Europe.  But it is only her and I for now.  It is a good start.

Karen in Kolin 2012

In a few months, one of our good friends will also be based in Europe.  I know that the reunion we dreamed of will not be too far away.  It is just a matter of time.

4 thoughts on “Somebody Came To Visit

  1. I also have kept in touch with my closest friend from high school, who I first met in grades one through five. Two summers ago, we gathered to have a small celebration of the 30th year anniversary of our high school graduation. When you know someone that long, you feel close and connected no matter how little time you spend together. You will be so glad you nurtured these friendships, Grace.


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