Tell Me How Your Weekend Went and I Will Tell You Who You Are

It is pretty interesting how different cultures spend their weekends.  In the Philippines, most people flock the malls.  Our main activity is going shopping  or going to the movies.  Growing up in the countryside, I used to look forward to Saturdays because that meant going to the big city for our big shopping day.  I remember being excited by the hustle and bustle of the city.

In California, there is a good balance between those who prefer the malls and those who prefer the outdoors, be it at the beach or in some hiking trek.

Here in Czech, the cities and towns are mostly abandoned during the weekends. Most Czechs prefer to go to their weekend houses or spend their weekends in a cottage in the woods.  This past fall as we were visiting my in-laws for the weekend, I was really amazed at how they love to spend time in the woods. Instead of going there for an hour, we spent 3 hours.  Since it was a good season for mushrooms, the short walk easily turned into a mushroom picking activity.

mushroom, mushroom, where art thou

Given this, I am easily able to predict how my son will spend his weekends.  One weekend he will be at some mall.  On another, he will be in the woods.  We’ll see.  Maybe he wants to go to the beach or to the desert.

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