What A Year It Was!

As I look back in 2011, I can only sigh. What a year it was! In 2011, My husband and I left our stable and promising US careers, packed our bags and moved to the Czech Republic. It was a total lifestyle change for me and up till now, I am still adapting to this new change. My son has grown so much since our last move.  I am glad that he has adapted better than me.

Last year, I also lost mom’s brother, Uncle Cris, one of my favorite uncles. My husband never really got to meet some of my family members other than my parents, but met Uncle Cris twice during his US travels.  For that, we will always have fond memories of  him.

And who could ever forget Typhoon Sendong.  The worst typhoon ever to hit Cagayan de Oro, my former city.

With all these events and changes this past year, I can only anticipate what’s in store for me this year.  This year, it is my goal to be healthy and active again.  I need to find my niche in this country and it all starts here.

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