Nemluvim moc Český

Whenever my husband introduces me to one of his friends or family members, I always say:  “Nemluvim moc Český.”  (I don’t speak much Czech.)  It is not necessary, but for the interest of being polite, I had to give a forewarning to people in case words fail me.

Now that I am a real stay-at-home mom, it is very difficult for me to last throughout the day without any other human interaction except for the debacles with my one year old “mini me.”  As a result, I try as much as I can to talk to the neighbors, go buy something at the store, or just wander through the town square.    The other day, while my son and I were on our way to get some fruits at the town square, I was asked for directions twice and an older woman started talking to me in Czech, only because I was walking behind her and made a short statement in Czech with perfect accent.    The one thing that my husband told me to do right when I speak Czech is to use the right accent.  Thus, it is no wonder that his grandma thinks that I already have a full grasp of the Czech language.  At one time, she tried to tell me something I didn’t understand.  With a blank look on my face I told her:  “Prominte Babi, nerozumim.”  (I’m sorry grandma, I don’t understand)  Then she went on to talk to me slowly.  Now that really helped!

2 thoughts on “Nemluvim moc Český

    1. Thanks, Melbs! I learned it out of need. I am sure you will be an expert in the Polish language soon. If you learned Japanese, Polish shouldn’t be that difficult. Plus, with your Cebuano expertise one can hardly tell that you are not from a cebuano-speaking region.


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