“Picturesque” Prague

As I was downloading my pictures from Prague, it’s ironic how a common subject turns out: people taking pictures. The pictures of Prague’s beautiful architecture are intentional. The pictures of people taking pictures are not. It must be a crowded day or I am really just a bad photographer.

One thought on ““Picturesque” Prague

  1. hahahha… i once stalked a fellow traveler… everytime he stood in front of Trevi in Rome, his gf took his pics.. and so did I. hehehe… oh.. in the bus by Dincs’ university… i took pics of this man bec he looked so beaten up playing soccer…. pero gwapo japon. singot pero gwapo ug humot tan-awon. and the looker groundskeeper in Versailles… 10 pics of him too… yep, stalker.


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