Domestic Diva in the Making

I am on the road to “domestic diva-ness”. As a stay at home mom, I find myself frequenting the kitchen more and more. It is now my favorite spot in the house. Although I have a degree in food technology, I am not that great when it comes to cooking. I know the theories but the interest is not there. All that has changed since I got here.

Now I have no excuse. I have no deadlines to meet or meetings to attend. All I have is my son, my husband and my house to take care of. Thus, I am cooking like crazy. I have not experimented in Czech recipes yet because my Český  is not that great. The recipes are written in Czech.  I am afraid I may make a mistake and end up cooking spicy beef instead of beef steak. Even my ingredients are labelled in Czech.

My spice rack

But the salt here is great though. While most american labels say “eco-friendly” or “earth friendly,” this one is “tooth-friendly.”

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